Type: Branding

Client: | Valladolid, Spain

Tags: Branding, Stamps, illustration, Visual identity


Chito was born with the aim of bringing the true flavours of Mexican food to Valladolid. It is focused on achieving a unique proposal through the authenticity of its dishes not only represents Mexican food, but its new concept of evolved gastronomy that respects the mythical and popular Mexican flavours, fusing them with Californian food. Our proposal is inspired and revolves around the famous dish (burrito) making our construction of the visual identity a minimalist and elegant language. The colour palette retains a simplicity in the surrounding elements of the brand thus managing to differentiate itself from the typical Mexican image. The name CHITO means “dried meat” which is one of the main ingredients of their dishes.

Visual identity
logo design of chito
Visual identity
Visual identity
packaging design of chito
menu design of chito